St Louis is a GREAT place to live!!  

Let me tell you about some of the wonderful things that St Louis has to offer:

We have wonderful water parks and pools,

We have great summer concerts in our parks that are free or nominal cost (about $10 for the charity that is putting them on to run their programs, and most let you bring your picnic basket with you

We have fabulous free big attractions as well as ones you pay for and even the ones that you have to pay for have free days and times:

....the zoo is free,

....the art museum is free though some of it's shows have a charge.

....the botanical gardens charges but has free times during the week and free events,

We have GREAT events like the balloon flights over Forest Park,

We have MUNY opera (if you haven't experienced it, you have to come) and it has free seats in the back and you can picnic in Forest Park before you go to the show!

We have Shakespeare in Forest Park for free

We have the river front with all it's activities, and the river front activities are differnent in Downtown St Louis, then in St Charles! You have to understand that we have the Missouri, the Mississippi, the Meremec, the Big, and several other rivers all meeting together here so we have lots of river front

We're a hop skip and a jump from the Ozarks (and yes the Ozarks are more than Branson) with all their activities

We have 2 Catholic Cathedrals and a Mormon Tabernacle, and lots of wonderful churchs showing the huge diversity that makes up our great city.

We have world class medical centers and health care

We have the Arch (officially known as the Gateway to the West)

We have wonderful museums: the national transportation museum, a natural history museum, a history museum, a children's museum in the Eugene Field House and more

We have a very interesting "Children's Museum" that is really a hand's on playground that is lots of fun for all

We have a great planetarium and science center

We have lots of wonderful places to sit and people watch, whether from outside cafe's and restaurants or inside airconditioned comfort.

We have Ted Drewes frozen yogurt and Highway 66 and a history that dates back to the fur traders and the pioneers, but we'll tell you about the worlds fair that was held here at the drop of a hat.

I can go on and on and on, but you know what we do best?

We're friendly and we're nice. We have safe neighborhoods and we get to know our neighbors. We meet people and we shake their hands and we say I like you, won't you be my friend.

Welcome to St Louis, we're glad that you are here. Give me a jingle 314-660-4803, and lets have a cup of coffee or tea and get to know each other and I'll tell you more about our wonderful city and the great places (large and small) that you will want to explore within it.  And the next time I see you, you'll be busy telling people what "WE" have as well.

I'm passionate about St Louis and I know it well.  As I help you with your Real Estate needs, I hope that you learn about St Louis and come to love it as much as I do.

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